Small Strobes Big Results Workshop comes to Orange County

Hi Friends,

I was privileged yesterday to host David Tejada’s Small Strobes Big ResultsTM Workshop at my church in Anaheim.  David is a commercial photographer from Denver, CO who specializes in location corporate portraiture.  He has fully embraced the minimalist lighting approach and developed this hands-on workshop to share his knowledge of how to achieve studio-quality results with hotshoe flash units.

As I mentioned to David in a follow-up email, I’m still reeling from all the info! I was seeing SB-800s, DIY modifiers, cold / warm white balance schemes, and lighting diagrams in my sleep last night!

We spent the morning going over grip gear, technique, etc.: you know…the essentials of light.  Pizza arrived at around 11:30,  as did our model who was with us for the remainder of the day.  From my own photography / small flash lighting experience, I knew much of the technical aspects of what David presented before the workshop. But seeing it applied, and watching David and his assistant, Erik work through the lighting in practice–thinking it through out loud–is a tremendous benefit and really firms it up in my mind.  This is how it would work in a real-life situation.  You don’t always have control over the environment in which you’re required to make your images, but you DO have control over your lighting, your composition…your images.

Read all you want…watch online videos…but there’s simply no substitute for the hands-on experience like David did for this workshop.    And I won’t give away any secrets, but he had some really terrific techniques for very natural looking lighting that I can’t wait to try out myself!

Suffice to say, if you have any, and I mean, ANY interest in small flash lighting, you’ve got to attend one of David’s Small Strobes Big ResultsTM workshops.  He does them all over the country, so contact him through his website and find out when he’s coming to your neighborhood.  You can’t help but come away from it a better photographer!

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