Paintball! You Bet!

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As much as my daughter loves posing for portraits, my son does not…unless of course, it involves putting on his paintball gear and channeling Chuck Norris. Even then, I get a lot of “Are we done yet, Dad…?”. Nevertheless, I’ve collected a few shots of Conner–both studio portraits, and action shots of him on the paintball field–and assembled them into a cool video slideshow.

So, click on the slideshow above, sit back and enjoy… Oh, yeah…and keep your head down!

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2 thoughts on “Paintball! You Bet!

  • Nice job Jon! Would not want to be around when Conner is ready to play! Lets see, Chuck is a bit old now, but I bet he can still kick the paint balls as they fly toward him. šŸ˜‰

  • Jon,

    Just like his dad, Conner is a wonder at the arts that you two love.

    Good job and I always enjoy any photography work that you do.


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