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Product Photography on a Budget: Part 2

In my last post, I showed you a quick and inexpensive solution for tabletop product photography that used just a couple table lamps and a piece of posterboard. Stepping up from that option just a bit, we can add a little diffusion to our light source for smoother wrap-around lighting and softer shadows. Quick and […]

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Tabletop Product Photography on a Budget: Part 1

Hi Friends, I posted recently on my typical setup for tabletop product photography using a light table, a pair of hotshoe flash units, and an octagonal softbox. It works really well for me, and since I usually leave it set up, it’s quick to arrange a couple of items on the set, shoot, process, and […]

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Product Photography: Avoiding the Funhouse Mirror Effect

Hi Friends, Recently I was asked by one of my wife’s Stampin’ Up! friends and fellow blogger about distortion (“bowing”) she’d been noticing in her images of sample cards.  She showed me an example, and it looked something like this: In geek code, this is known as “barrel distortion” (presumably because it looks like a […]

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