Veterans Day Portraits-The Faces of Freedom Project

SEBASTIAN, Matt-FOF-JCHP-0132-Edit-Edit

Hi Friends,

A few more portraits from the recent 2015 Orange County Stand Down event at the Tustin Blimp Hangar, photographed for the Faces of Freedom Project.  It is a privilege I don’t take lightly to be able create these images of folks who have sacrificed so much for MY freedoms.  Thank you all, again, for your service.

I have many more to finish, but wanted to share these few new images in honor of Veterans Day.

Please go out of your way today to thank a veteran for his or her service..


SIMON, George-FOF-JCHP-3-8-Edit-Edit MELLEN, Richard-FOF-JCHP-0111-Edit-Edit RILEY, Daniel-FOF-JCHP-4-10-Edit-Edit MARSH, Ashley family-FOF-JCHP-4-7-Edit-Edit HOOPER, Earnest-FOF-JCHP-0121-Edit-Edit  HANSON, Alvin-FOF-JCHP-3-11-Edit-Edit FINK, Matthew and Finn-FOF-JCHP-0072-Edit-Edit

LANE, Thaddeus-FOF-JCHP-0115-Edit-EditHAINES, Richard and COSTA, Lisa-FOF-JCHP-2-9-Edit-Edit GRIGGS, William-FOF-JCHP-3-10-Edit-Edit EDWARDS, Tony-FOF-JCHP-0176-Edit-Edit-Edit BAYLOR, Oscar-FOF-JCHP-0049-Edit-Edit


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