First Faces of Freedom Veterans Portraits from 2015 OC Stand Down

SMITH, Walter-FOF-JCHP-3-4 Hi Friends, Recently, I had the opportunity to photograph over 125 veterans participating in the 2015 Orange County Stand Down event at the Tustin Blimp Hangar for the Faces of Freedom Project.  What an honor to be able to capture these images of folks who have sacrificed so much for MY freedoms.  Thank you all, again, for your service. These portraits have been added to the Faces of Freedom Project Gallery, and are available here on this post for download for those who participated. I have many more to finish, and for those who have been asking, I am continuing to process the many portraits from that day. And I PROMISE I will get them up soon for you to download. Please go out of your way to thank a veteran for his or her service today. MALEY, Doni-FOF-JCHP-3-7   LOPEZ, Dave-FOF-JCHP-0059-Edit-Edit-Edit RIGGS, Jonathan-FOF-JCHP-2-6 TAYLOR, O.J.-FOF-JCHP-2-8 FLORES, Krishna-FOF-JCHP-0149 FOX, Michael-FOF-JCHP-4-4 HARTMAN, Kyle-FOF-JCHP-2-5 HO, Mark-FOF-JCHP-2-6 ILUZALITURRI, Raul-FOF-JCHP-2-4 KABIGTING, Francis and Ferdinand-FOF-JCHP-2-6   VALENZUELA, Joseph and Theresa-FOF-JCHP-3-10 WELPLEY, Rod-FOF-JCHP BENTLEY, Cale-FOF-JCHP-3-14  
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