The Haverstick Fine Art Automotive Photography Gallery Exhibition

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Hi Friends,

Well, the title is somewhat tongue-in-cheek.  This week, I had the pleasure and privilege of helping Ed Simons of Simons Accountancy Corporation decorate his new office.  Ed is a car guy, and owns a beautiful 1940 Ford that I’ve photographed previously. So, when Ed moved to his larger office space in Anaheim Hills, he called me to provide the wall coverings in the form of fine art automotive photography, printed on metal.

I helped Ed hang the images today: a mix of 24×36 and 20×30 metal prints. And, frankly, if I may say so myself, they’re GORGEOUS!  Ed’s office is already nicely done, but the prints add an extra sparkle with spot colors of red, green, and yellow that just makes the room pop. And, of course, cars on metal – the perfect medium! Now, everywhere you turn in Ed’s office, it’s cars…

We jokingly refer to his office as the “Haverstick Fine Art Automotive Gallery”, and he’s considering charging admission.  Now THERE’s an idea!

Thanks for dropping by!

Simons Acct Fine Art Auto Prints-JCHP-0001 Simons Acct Fine Art Auto Prints-JCHP-0046 Simons Acct Fine Art Auto Prints-JCHP-0031 Simons Acct Fine Art Auto Prints-JCHP-0026 Simons Acct Fine Art Auto Prints-JCHP-0021 Simons Acct Fine Art Auto Prints-JCHP-0006

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4 Responses to The Haverstick Fine Art Automotive Photography Gallery Exhibition

  1. Ed Simons February 15, 2014 at 2:34 pm #

    Hey Jon:

    Thanks for the great pictures. They really make the office come together!



    • Jon C. Haverstick February 18, 2014 at 7:19 am #

      You’re most welcome, Ed! Truly a pleasure to be part of your interior design team! It’s not often I get to see my images printed large like this, AND on metal (I’ve filled up most of MY available wall space). So, it was particularly neat for me to see them in this medium. And to know that they’ll be appreciated every day by a gear head such as yourself… I know they’ve found a good home.

  2. PJ February 15, 2014 at 4:10 pm #

    Jon, have seen the rest but yours are the best. Images are spectacular and I know what they look like mounted.

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