Heritage Portraits Project – Marilyn

Another portrait sitting in the Heritage Portrait project.  This is Marilyn: mother of my dear friend, Randy.  She was photographed with the capable assistance of my good friend (and voice-activated lightstand), Royce.   We tried a couple lighting setups, but settled on the SB-800 Speedlight in the 3′ octabox. In the above image, we used Read more about Heritage Portraits Project – Marilyn[…]

One-Light Portrait-Keiko

Hi Friends, As a proof-of-concept for a portrait project I’m noodling, I coerced my mother-in-love, Keiko, to sit for a portrait. It’s very difficult to get her NOT to smile, but I was looking for serious expression here.  I’d asked her to pose with a favorite portrait of my father-in-law, Larry, a career US Marine. Read more about One-Light Portrait-Keiko[…]

Track Portraits of Conner – Hard Lighting

Headed over to our local college track to do a few portraits of Conner in his CCHS track uniform today.  Had in mind to do them with strong backlighting for an edgy look and long cast shadows. Setup involved 3 off camera strobes (Nikon SB-800s).  The key light was in a 3′ octagonal softbox, directly Read more about Track Portraits of Conner – Hard Lighting[…]

Cat Portraits – Red Wall

Cat got a new vest today at a little hole-in-the-wall Japanese clothing store, so I figured it was time to take some more portraits.  I mean, it’s been at least a week since I’ve taken portraits of Cat! We returned to a local favorite portrait spot (great red wall) and made a few… Before we Read more about Cat Portraits – Red Wall[…]

Photographing High School Track and Field

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DXYvBQtCupQ] Yesterday was my son’s first high school track meet.  Didn’t get to run, but had a blast hanging with his friends all day.  Weather threatened rain, but never materialized.  Great clouds make for dramatic photos, though. I was joined by my good friend, Royce Rumsey, who never ceases to impress me with his photographic Read more about Photographing High School Track and Field[…]

Sweet Lolita! (High Key Portraits)

Saw the new “Alice in Wonderland” this afternoon.  Cat’s only been talking about it since we found out it was in production–she’s into Alice in a big way. So she dressed up in her sweet lolita attire, and off we went. Afterwards, we got to do a few portraits: Lighting was pretty straightforward.  Key light Read more about Sweet Lolita! (High Key Portraits)[…]