“I Left My Heart…” well, you know the rest…

Hi Friends, Been a few weeks since I’ve posted.  Had a holiday boutique to prepare for, and a family vacation to the great foggy north…San Francisco: land of the Golden Gate bridge, dungeness crab, and sourdough bread. It’s been almost 18 years since last I visited San Francisco, and the last time I was there, Read more about “I Left My Heart…” well, you know the rest…[…]

On Reflection – More Classics

My friend Booker (www.gourdsbybooker.com) is an avid car photographer.  He has a cool “blackout” technique in which he selects the car and either lowers the luminosity of the background or drops out certain parts of the car, for example, leaving just the chrome.  Hard to imagine, but really cool. Well, inspired by Booker’s technique, I Read more about On Reflection – More Classics[…]