Hooked on Classics…

My friend, Booker, arranged for us to meet with Jon, a local classic car collector, this weekend.  I’ve photographed  classic cars at public events and typically there are all kinds of things that get in the way of making good photographs…power lines, trash bins, other cars, other people.  It was so cool to able to Read more about Hooked on Classics…[…]

A moment of nostalgia…Nikon F2AS

While I had the acrylic tabletop setup set up, I was looking for things to photograph.  Pulled my old Nikon F2AS Photomic out of its display cabinet.  Still as handsome as it ever was.  I shot with this camera for 25+ years before moving to digital. I haven’t put a roll of film through it Read more about A moment of nostalgia…Nikon F2AS[…]

On Reflection… Adding Reflection in Camera with Clear Acrylic

We’ve all seen it… Apple wasn’t the first to do it, but they sure made it popular.  I’m talking about that subtle reflection below the object in a product photo. I’ve been doing reflections by shooting on black acrylic. I love the look of black acrylic: very reflective. A few examples: Even white acrylic gives Read more about On Reflection… Adding Reflection in Camera with Clear Acrylic[…]