Update on my Print-on-Demand Magazine

Well, I received the proof of my first print-on-demand magazine today and I must say I’m impressed!  The print quality is excellent, the paper is a nice weight, and the color matching is exactly what I expected.  (I used MagCloud’s provided ICC profile for soft proofing on my calibrated monitor).  The entire operation is just really slick!

I’m working on my daughter’s Senior magazine now, and hopefully it will go a little faster.  (Always a few bumps the first time around). 

Here’s one image that we shot the other evening.  Turned into a family affair as in addition to my lovely daughter / model, my wife and son provided support as voice-activated light stands.

To simulate light originating from the overhead streetlight, my wife wrangled one SB-800 with a Honl 1/8 Speed Grid on a 15 foot extension pole to simulate the light from the overhead streetlight.  (The streetlight had a relatively low-wattage CFL bulb, and I knew it wouldn’t provide enough light for what I needed).  My son, to the left, is illuminating my daughter’s face via a second SB-800 with a Honl Speed Snoot.  Both Speedlights were triggered via PocketWizard radio triggers.  I dragged the shutter to allow the sky and the light from the streetlights to burn in (1/8s @ f/6.3; ISO 200).

I’ll post some of the spreads from my daughter’s magazine as I finish them.  Stop back and check ’em out!

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